Air Conditioning


What We Do:

We are experienced in the installation and repair of air conditioning system and have had numerous jobs in the past revolving around climate control units and services. We can offer the following: Home solutions, Office climate control, Shop climatization system, No outside box air conditioning, Wall mounted units, Ceiling mounted units, Ducted units, Low wall mounted units and floor mounted units. We also offer other services too so if you have any enquiries please call us at +447799823825 or message us on WhatsApp at +447799823825 or +447521002814.

Our Goal:

We offer the same services or more than our competitors and aim to offer these at a higher quality and for a lower price. By doing so we are building a good reputation and are also benefiting out clients as they are getting more for less. We can do this because we work with the best professionals in the business and have been working with them for a long time so they are able to give us the best prices that we can then pass on to our clients. If you require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on one of our previously mentioned numbers.

The Costs:

The costs of our fair services are variable depending on the type of air conditioning system that we are working with, this being whether we are installing or servicing it; floor cooling units may be harder to service or install than an exterior mounted one for example. The volume that the air conditioning system is being installed for also matters as larger size rooms or buildings will require more heavy duty or multiple units and subsequently smaller rooms and houses may require less powerful units and therefore may have a cheaper overall cost. To get an accurate quotation for your scenario please contact us at +447799823825 or message us on WhatsApp at +447799823825 or +447521002814.