What We Do:

We can assemble flat pack furniture professionally, fast and for a cheap price. We are experienced with assembling flat pack furniture because we have had many previous jobs where we have had to assemble furniture such as beds, couches, dining sets including tables and chairs, wardrobes, desks and many more. We can quickly give you a quote or answer any questions you have if you call us at +447799823825 or message us on WhatsApp at +447799823825 or +447521002814. 

Our Goal:

Our plan is to offer a faster flat pack assembly service than our competitors in order to suit the customer better and also do it for a better price so that our client can be as advantaged as possible. We do not charge flat rates as this usually disadvantages the client and we instead charge a price which is individual for the job and that the client can agree or negotiate on. In order to receive a price you can contact us by phone at +447799823825 or message us on WhatsApp at +447799823825 or +447521002814.

The Costs:

Each flat pack job is different and each piece of furniture has different levels of difficulty and may take different amounts of time to be assembled, because of this we encourage you to contact us in order to receive an appropriate price for you. We have a very quick response during the day especially with mobile calls so please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +447799823825 or message us on WhatsApp at +447799823825 or +447521002814.