What We Do:

If you are looking for a handyman to help you remodel your house, you are in the right place. Paint interiors, paint exteriors, apply wallpaper, repair walls or paint fences; we are the right people for you. We have over 25 years of experience in painting and have high quality equipment. In our services we also include Airless Paint Spraying, an innovative method. We have had a very numerous amount of jobs when it come to painting as it is something that gets requested and required a lot by everyone. Sometimes it can be due to paint deteriorating and requiring to be renewed. Other times the customer just would like to freshen up their living space.

Painting & Decorating

Our Goal:

We have been focusing over the years in providing painting & decorating services that are long lasting and high quality. Therefore, there are no variations in thickness, shades of paint on the wall and no imperfections. We provide a high standard and quality of work for both our interior and exterior painting. Our painting and decorating services always have the customer in mind, this leading to an exceptional result..

The Costs of Painting & Decorating:

The cost of painting and decorating will vary a lot from job to job. This is due to different factors. If you compare an exterior painting job with an interior one, the exterior one will usually be cheaper due to the fact that we can use machinery such as airless paint sprayers on exteriors but for example inside a flat which is fully furnished we would not be able to do that 100% of the time which would affect the price as an airless sprayer is significantly faster than a man with a paintbrush.

Other factors to take into consideration would be the humidity of the area that needs painting as if it was a bathroom, it would have high humidity due to the steam generated from hot water and this could lead to mould, dampening and even paint peeling; in this scenario we would have to use special paints in order to achieve an adequate long lasting finish. In order to find out the correct price for you the best place to get that would be to either call us at +447799823825 or alternatively message us on our whatsapp at +447799823825 or +447521002814.