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Refurbishment: not only restores the house, but restores the story of the home and the neighbourhood

Home Refurbishment

This is generally referring to large-scale jobs that don’t fit into other categories such as bedroom, living room, or hallway renovations.  If you are Painting, decorating, or overhauling your entire property, is important to realize in refurbishment​ the importance of good planning. As a result, good refurbishment is done with attention to details

That being said using the right material with the right technique you can achieve a better result, and in addition, you can take advantage of our REFURBISHMENT DISCOUNT!

Handyman for London Home Refurbishment Specialists
Handyman for London Bathroom Refurbishment Specialists

Bathroom Refurbishment​

There comes a time when you have to renovate the bathroom or just fix small defects or replace sanitary ware. Therefore, your local Handyman for London is here to help with your refurbishment.


Our online quotes are quick and free!  In other words, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! In the section below you can find out more about the bathroom refurbishment​ services.

Garden Related Work

Since you’re looking for is a garden makeover or general garden work, contact your local Handyman For London. Take for instance painting fences, trimming hedges, or general maintenance; we cover them all. Even more, we are using professional equipment, work with well-known brands, and have multiple specialists in this domain.

You might wonder how we do it?

In short, our techniques and tools are diverse, everything depends on the need of the refurbishment project, for example, the use of Airless Spray Painting. In order to get more information or to book a job please contact us.

Handyman for London Garden Refurbishment Specialists

Our Refurbishment Work